National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
United States Department of Commerce

PMEL Director Retires After 40 Years of Service to NOAA

December 30, 2010

After 40 years of service to NOAA, Dr. Eddie Bernard will retire at the end of 2010.  His career began in 1970 in the NOAA Corps and in 1982, he became the director of PMEL.  A noted expert on tsunamis, Dr. Bernard received his PhD in Oceanography from Texas A&M University.  During his time as director of PMEL, Dr. Bernard has received numerous honors and awards including two Department of Commerce Gold Medals, three Presidential Meritorious Awards, and a Service to America Medal.

PMEL wishes Dr. Bernard well in his retirement and thanks him for his exceptional leadership. You can visit the About the Director page for more information on Dr. Bernard’s NOAA career.