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Argo float cozies / Falkor cruise artist-at-sea / yarn-bombs instruments

Two PMEL Argo floats nestled in knitted cozies held by Falkfor lead marine tech Leighton Rolley (left) and artist Michelle Schwengel-Regala (right).  Photo credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute media journalist Monika Naranjo-Gonzales.

February 05, 2016

PMEL’s Argo float group relies upon and is very grateful for assistance from scientists and crew in deploying PMEL Argo floats on a variety of ships in oceans around the globe.  PMEL Argo recently sent six floats to the R/V Falkor of the Schimdt Ocean Institute for deployment on a science cruise studying oxygen minimum zones across in the tropical Pacific.  Float deployments during this cruise helped to fill a coverage gap in the Argo array that had opened up in this crucial region during a significant El Niño.  As an unexpected bonus, artist-at-sea Michelle Schwengel-Regala was yarn-bombing on the Falkor during this cruise. Here are pictures of two PMEL Argo floats on the Falkor nestled in her dazzling knitted float-cozies!  The yarn was removed and repurposed prior to deployment of the floats, all of which are now reporting vital ocean temperature and salinity data back from the tropical Pacific, monitoring the evolving El Niño.