Polar Cruises Arctic Ice Bergs

Photos & Animations for 2016 Arctic Report Card

Scenery & Wildlife

Polar Bears (Northwest Passage Cruises with one Ocean Expeditions)
Credit: One Ocean Expeditions

Sunset panorama (Svalbard)
Credit: Luc Jamet

Arctic sunset panorama
Credit: Jim

Arctic Sunrise panorama
Credit: Luc Jamet

Blue dawn, white summits panorama (Svalbard)
Credit: Luc Jamet

Fall colors in Noatak National Preserve near Seagull Lake
Credit: Western Arctic National Parklands

Panorama of Greenland's coastline, taken outside Kapp Tatteshall
Credit: Sindre Skrede

Person on rock above Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Credit: USFWS/Steve Chase

Salix glauca in East Greenland tundra
Credit: Hannes Grobe, AWI

Icebergs (Ilulisat, Vestgronland, Greenland)
Credit: Greenland Travel via Flickr

Icebergs in mist (Ilulisat, Vestgronland, Greenland) by
Credit: Greenland Travel via Flickr.

Melting Glacier (Knit glacier near Anchorage, AK)
Credit: Len "Doc" Radin

Arctic sea ice viewed from the NOAA WP-3D Orion "Hurricane Hunter" research aircraft in 2013

Arctic Ice and Grey Skies off Malloch Dome
Credit: Derrick Midwinter

Svalbard "Here comes the sun"
Credit: Wen Nag (aliasgrace)

Air Traffic Control (Black-Footed Kittiwake, Homer, AK)
Photo by Len "Doc" Radin

Arctic Red Jellyfish
Photo by Val Paley


Permafrost and ruined coastal building
Credit: Isaias Malta


MT Mastera in the ice (Arctic icebreaking crude oil tanker)
From: http://www.seafarermedia.com/

MT Mastera in Rotterdam harbour (Arctic icebreaking crude oil tanker)
Credit: Alfvanbeem

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tanker Arctic Discoverer
Credit: Paul Jonston

Fish boats

Lobster and scallop fish boats in harbor ice (New-Brunswick)
Credit: Shawn Harquail

Commercial fishing boat (Akureyri, Iceland)
Credit: rjzii

Fishing vessel "Teisten" in icy harbour (Rungstedlund, Hovedstaden, Denmark)
Credit: teralaser

Fishing Village in Norway with light snow and colorful fishing boats
Credit: rosipaw

Natural Resources

Norway oil rig at night
Credit Thomas Steiner

Red Dog Mine (90 miles north of Kotzebue)
Credit: Jim

Alaska oil pipeline and permafrost
Credit: Terry Feuerborn

Conoco-Phillips Alpine base and drill pad
Credit: I.M. Stile


Royal Marines Conduct Beach Assault in Norway During Exercise Cold Response
Credit: Defence Images

Royal Navy Sea King Mk4 HelicopterConducting Arctic Training in Norway
Credit: Defence Images

Commando Helicopter Force Merlin Mk3 helicopter from 846 Naval Air Squadron landing in snow/low visibility (Arctic flying training)
Credit: Royal Navy Media Archive


Wordle for the 2016 Arctic Report Card
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Photos and animations from the Video

Ice pack figure (Moskushamn, Svalbard, Svalbard and Jan Mayen)
Photo by Luc Jamet via Flickr

Arctic had warmest year on record (Oct 2015-Sep 2016)
Temperature anomaly map from climate.gov

Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average
Temperature anomaly time series from climate.gov

Arctic Sea Ice from March to September 2016 (Animations and Images)
Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio.
AMSR2 data courtesy of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Arctic Sea Ice Age with Graph of Ice Age by Area: 1984 - 2016 (Animations and Images)
Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
Special thanks to: Mark Tschudi, Univ. of Colorado, for providing the data. For more information, click here.

Sea Ice Pattenrs (melt ponds)
Credit: NASA/Kathryn Hansen

Undersea view of Arctic Sea Ice
Photo by Harper, provided by Blodil Bluhm

Ice amphiopod
Photo by Harper, provided by Blodil Bluhm

Map of Global Ocean Acidification projected in 2100 and Information/explanation
Infographic is part of the Ocean Acidification Summary for Policymakers - Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO World, sponsored by IGBP, IOC-UNESCO and SCOR. More information: www.igbp.net.

Arctic Anemone
Photo by Alison Clarke

Wide-angle tundra rocks and mountains
Photo by Karen Blaha

June Snow Cover Anomaly time series plot
Arctic Report Card 2016, Essay "Terrestrial Snow Cover"

Sunset stampede (Alaska Porcupine Caribou in unseasonably light snow cover on tundra)
Credit: Frostnip

Greenland melt (Inlandsis rivière Groenland 2009 Expédition ACarré)
Credit: Halorache

Greenland 2016 melt anomalies
Credit: from Arctic Report Card 2016, Essay "Greenland Ice Sheet"

Greenland ice sheet mass time series
Credit: Adapted by climate.gov from Arctic Report Card 2016, Essay "Greenland Ice Sheet"

Permafrost Thaw
Credit: National Park Service (NPS) Climate Change Response NPS Photo (C.Ciancibelli)

Valley of Bierikjåhkå in Sarek National Park with a view to the southwest
Credit: Ökologix

A small thermokarst lake on the southern slopes of Pårte (Jokkmokk, Norrbotten, Sweden)
Credit: distantranges

Arctic shrew images 2 by CGregory & 7 by S E Greiman & 1 by A G Hope & 5 by A G Hope and parasite (tapeworm) image by V V Tkach and video
Provided by Andrew Hope

Sailing in the Icefjord (in Ilulissat)
Credit: Greenland Travel

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Close-up
Credit: Amaury Laporte

Aurora Ice Breaker (Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan)
Credit: Agustin Rafael Reyes

Gliding through clouds (Lotus ship gliding through seafog in Helsinki -22°C)
Credit: euno

Barentsburg - Russian coal mining town in Svalbard
Credit: Toms Buls

Semi-submersible drilling unit Transocean Polar Pioneer
Credit: Bureau of Safetyand Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)

King Salmon (Bristol Bay)
Credit: Chris Ford

Native Alaskans with rack of dried salmon strips
Credit: President Obama / The White House Instagram

Coastal erosion
Credit: Kevin Pietrzak

Permafrost and ccoastal erosion
Credit: U.S. Geological Survey

Royal Navy Trafalgar class attach submarine HMS Tireless at the North Pole
Credit: Tim Webb

Wild polar bear
Credit: Alex Berger

Barrow Seal at breathing hole (Video)
Courtesy of Brendan Kelly

Sandfjorden (Near Berlevag in Norway, on the Barents Sea)
Credit: Jon Bowen

Scoresby Sund, East Greenland
Credit: Hannes Grobe, AWI

Snow and skier
Courtesy of Chris Derksen (provided for Arctic Report Card 2012)

Additional images and videos:

Banner Image: Ice pack figure (Moskushamn, Svalbard, Svalbard and Jan Mayen); Photo by Luc Jamet via Flickr