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Dr. Sue Moore

Biological Oceanographer
Staff Affiliation: 
PMEL Division: 
Ocean Environment
PMEL Project: 
Ecosystem & Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations

Research Interests

Dr. Sue Moore is a biological oceanographer with Marine Ecosystems Division (ST7) of the NOAA/Fisheries Office of Science & Technology. She has 35 years research experience focused on the ecology, bioacoustics and natural history of whales and dolphins, with much of her work directed towards cetaceans in the Pacific Arctic region. Sue served as Director (2002-2004), and as Cetacean Program Leader (1998-2002), at the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML), NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center and is an affiliate professor at the University of Washington (UW) in the Department of Biology and the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences. From 2004-08, she was a visiting scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) at UW to develop and support NOAA-relevant bio-acoustic and arctic-related research programs. Currently, Sue serves as the Chair of the Environmental Concerns Working Group of the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee, which focuses on impacts of climate change and anthropogenic pollutants on cetaceans. In addition, she serves on the science steering and advisory committees for the: US Marine Mammal Commission; North Slope Science Initiative; Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH); and the Arctic Council/CAFF Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Group.

Recent Publications

Ashjian, C.J., S.R. Braund, R.G. Campbell, J.C. George, J. Kruse, W. Maslowski, 
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Grebmeier, J.M., S.E. Moore, J.E. Overland, K.E. Frey and R. Gradinger. 2010. 
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Kovacs, K.M., C. Lydersen, J.E. Overland and S.E. Moore. 2010. Impacts of changing 
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Moore, S.E. 2010. Whales facing climate change in the Pacific Arctic. Whalewatcher 
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Moore, S.E., J.C. George, G. Sheffield, J. Bacon, C.J. Ashjian.2010. Bowhead whale
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Moore, S.E., K.M. Stafford, H. Melling, C. Berchok, Øystein Wiig, K.M. Kovacs, C. 
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    in Atlantic and Pacific sectors of the High Arctic:  year-long records from 
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Nystuen, J.A., S.E. Moore and P.J. Stabeno. 2010. A sound budget for the southeastern 
    Bering Sea:  measuring wind, rainfall, shipping and other sources of underwater 
    sound. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America: 58-65.
Stafford, K.M., S.E. Moore, P.J. Stabeno, D.V. Holliday, J.M. Napp and D.K. Mellinger. 
    2010. Biophysical Ocean Observation in the Southeastern Bering Sea. Geophysical 
    Research Letters, 37, L02606.

Contact Information

7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, Washington  98115
phone: 206.526.6889
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