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Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound.

July 30, 2015

NOAA/PMEL Scientist Dr. Simone Alin and UW/JISAO Scientist Nick Bond took part in media event on July 30 highlighting the unusual conditions found in the Puget Sound in 2015.  The Sound has been abnormally warm, fueled by the warm water Blob off the Pacific coast, warm weather and lower than usual river inflow.  Scientists note that the timing of warmer waters and lower pH conditions have come earlier this year. 

Dr. Alin pointed out “It is tempting to compare conditions this year to our projected future climate in the second half of this century.  However, this just represents the temperature part of future climate impact on the oceans.  We would also expect a sizeable increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans between 2050 and 2100 compared to now, which would worsen ecosystem conditions considerably relative to what we are seeing with the temperature increase alone.”

Read the press release.  

PMEL in the News

July 31, 2015

Seattle scientists predicted this summer would be hot and dry, with warming waters and low river levels. It’s worse than they thought, however, with record-breaking heat, a meager snowpack and a severe drought.

July 30, 2015

Aquatic robots have been spotted in the Aleutian Islands.  Two ocean-going drones were seen sailing into Dutch Harbor Monday night with no one on board.