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December 17, 2014

The NOAA-led Arctic Report Card was released today.  The annual assessment of change in the Arctic shows the region continues to outpace the rest of the globe in response to climate change, warming at twice the rate of anywhere else on earth. 

The report documents changes in air temperature, sea surface temperature, snow cover, sea ice extent, the Greenland ice sheet, ocean productivity, and vegetation over the tundra.  A special addition this year includes an assessment of polar bear population dynamics in several different regions of the Arctic. 

For more information, visit the Arctic Report Card:  Update for 2014.  

PMEL in the News

December 16, 2014

Researchers are looking to the past to gain a clearer picture of what the future holds for ice in the Arctic. A project to analyze and digitize ship logs dating back to the 1850's aims to lengthen the timeline of recorded ice data.

December 15, 2014

Nearly 10 years ago, the world woke the day after Christmas to news of the most deadly tsunami in recorded history. Click to read more about PMEL's contribution to warning products to improve tsunami preparedness.