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What's New

September 08, 2014

You can now explore PMEL data on a new Google Earth plugin interface on the PMEL website.  The global data display covers observational data collected by PMEL projects from 2008-2014. The user can explore by PMEL research project, theme or survey type.  Each data point or line or also clickable to provide more information as well as a source to obtain the actual data.  The new data globe contains over 5,500 place marks of buoys and sample stations and over 1,000 tracks from Argo floats, gliders, and ships.  

To find out our more about how to navigate the display please visit the About the Global Display page and explore!



PMEL in the News

September 03, 2014

What can yesterday's weather tell us about how the climate is changing today? That's what an army of volunteers looking at old ships' logs is trying to answer through the Old Weather project.

August 26, 2014

Scientists with NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory have developed a better sensor that will help emergency managers deal with the effects of a tsunami generated off our own coast.