Saildrone in San Francisco Bay Spring 2017



A compellation of news articles featuring the innovative technologies of the ITAE program.


03 July - Unmanned ‘saildrones’ are headed to the Arctic for science (Yareth Rosen, Arctic Today)

30 June - Saildrones go where humans can’t — or don’t want to — to study the world’s oceans (Seattle Times)

26 June - Flotilla of saildrones deploy to Arctic Pacific for earth science missions (NOAA)

29 May - Saildrones monitor plant growth and acidification in remote Arctic waters (NOAA

16 May - Adaptable and drive by renewable energy, saildrones voyage into remote waters (NOAA

15 May - This Armada of Saildrones Could Conquer the Oceans (Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg)

8 March - Fleet of sailboat drones could monitor climate change's effect on oceans (Science)



08 November - Saildrones: Cutting Edge Technology for Ocean Research (NOAA Fisheries)

31 October - Ocean drones for a quantified ocean planet (Sebastian de Halleux, TEDx Talks San Francisco)

27 October - These ocean drones are trawling for climate change data (Katy Scott, CNN Tech)

1 September - High-Tech 'Saildrones' to Help Predict El Niño, Collect Climate Data (CBS Local San Francisco)

22 August - NOAA scientists set sail on Coast Guard icebreaker to measure change in the Arctic (NOAA)

7 August - Sailing drone captures dawn while crossing the Bering Strait (NOAA)

31 July - Two Saildrones collecting OA data are on their way to the Bering Strait (Alaska Ocean Observing Network)

14 July - Northern Fur Seal Food Study in Bering Sea using Saildrone (Alaska Native News)

13 July - Saildrones will aide NOAA research this summer (Cordova Times)

12 July - NOAA is Gathering Data with Captain-less Sailboats (GovernmentCIO)

11 July - Summer of Sailing Drones (NOAA Research)

11 July - Drones at sea: Unmanned vehicles to expand data collection from far-flung locales (NOAA)

14 June - The Most Exciting Drones Aren't in the Air--They're in the Ocean (Will Yakowicz, Inc. Magazine)



14 September - With Saildrones, Researchers Learn More About St. Paul’s Fur Seals (Zoe Sobel, KUCB)

04 September - No Sailors Needed: Robot Sailboats Scour the Oceans for Data (, New York Times)

15 July - Scientists Expanding Network of Observers to Better Track Arctic Climate Change Impacts (Tim Ellis, KUAC)

13 June - Unmanned ‘Saildrones’ Depart Once Again from Dutch Harbor on Bering Sea Data-Gathering Mission (Alaska Native News)

03 June - Unmanned vessels deployed for Alaska ocean research (Seattle Times)

06 June - What these drones have detected could mean hazards for the Bering Sea (Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska's Energy Desk/KTOO Public Media)



10 September - The Coast Guard's Arctic Tool Box (Lauren Ellis, Techknow, Al Jazeera America)

07 September - Journey to the Arctic (AL Jazeera America, TechKnow, Season 3, Episode 17, IMDb)

31 July - Strange Orange Robots Sail Into Dutch Harbor… Just What Are They Up To? (John Ryan, KUCB - Unalaska)

05 June - Sailing for scientific success in the Bering Sea (Caroline Mosley, NOAA Research)

19 April - For the first time, Saildrones explore the Bering Sea (Caroline Mosley, NOAA Research)



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