Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education

Sharing the love of what we do - with you!

ITAE communicates with a broad and diverse set of stakeholders and audiences in marine science, including researchers, Alaskan communities, policy and resource management, teachers and students, and the interested public. We provide a plethora of project communications while also working with NOAA Communications for the continuous delivery of a range of information and scientific data sets for use by the public, private, and academic sectors. We maintains our online presence through this website, and include a blog about the saildrone missions  “Follow the Saildrone” to engage YOU, our non-project personnel and fellow adventurer, in this new and exciting science. Stories from our website and blog have featured on NOAA.gov, NOAA Research, NOAA's Arctic Program, Instagram (NOAA, NOAA Research, and NOAA Fisheries), Facebook, and Twitter. ITAE also provides internal-only mission updates to our laboratory colleagues, funding partners, and NOAA leadership through Google Drive.

Connecting with the Alaska community is a key part to the success of the ITAE program. For operational safety and awareness, ITAE also directly provides information to the Arctic Waterways Safety Commission Meeting and Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission Meetings in the fall and spring through a NOAA Fisheries representative. ITAE also maintains an Alaska Contact List than contains private citizens, borough representatives, native community representatives, researchers, private companies, and stakeholders. We use this list to share operational plans, mission news, and outreach opportunities. We would be happy to discuss any opportunities that may be available. If you are interested in learning more, have questions, or comments - please email.



NOAA Science Camp 2014-current

13 July 2016 - For a second year, NOAA Science Camp Junior Leadership Program (JLP) campers visited the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL) in Seattle, WA for a tour of the facility.

NSC JLP Challenge Team Photo - 2016

NSC JLP Challenge Winning Team Photo - 2016. The winning team 'COST-Effective Sea Lions' focused on 'keep(ing) the Arctic nice" with their drone deployed mooring design to record data about the Arctic environment and included the concept of retracting sensors when ice approaches. Team members included: Malini Williams, Varun Viswanathan, Eleanor Chang-Stucki and Lauren McDonald. Photo:NOAA

NSC JLP Challenge Team Photo - 2016

NSC JLP Challenge Team Photo - 2016.  Photo: NOAA


08 July 2015 - NOAA Science Camp Junior Leadership Program (JLP) visited the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL) in Seattle, WA for a tour of the facility. After a brief walk-around the students were led to the conference room and given a task. That task was to develop a program or technology (or both) to investigate the Arctic and to then present their idea to the group. Student's presentations were judged on four areas: content, communication, engagement, and originality. A bonus was given for utilizing visual components in their presentation. The best presentation, titled "Prediction for Preparation" presented as a research team, clearly identified a current and relatable issue, defined their research objective based on that problem, and thought out the entirety of their investigation from timeline to social media. Their project not only was executable but also met several of NOAA's current Goals including addressing Climate Adaption and Mitigation and a Weather Ready Nation. Congratulations not only to the winning team, but to all of the JLP campers. They were a pleasure to have visit PMEL.



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