Mariner and Public Notice of Research Platforms

Mariner and Public Notice of Research Platforms


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Current Updates of Research Platforms

SAILDRONE - Deployed.

LTNM D17 | OCEANOGRAPHIC AND FISHERIES SURVEY:  NOAA is conducting oceanographic and fisheries acoustic surveys in the US Arctic from ~May 12- beginning October 2019, 24 hours a day, for the purpose of weather, ocean acidification and fisheries research. The survey will be conducted by four unmanned surface vehicles, saildrone, each 23', orange in color and marked "SAILDRONE". The USVs will be deployed from Dutch Harbor, AK. Three will transit North through Bering Strait, and into the Chukchi Sea, one will remain in the Bering Sea. All drones will have limited maneuverability during survey operations. Mariners are requested to transit areas with caution and to remain greater than 500 meters away from the research equipment.  The platforms maintain a white all-round, masthead light and are AIS identifiable as 'Saildrone' when near other AIS transmitting vessels. Enclosure (?) of this Local Notice to Mariners shows the description of the saildrone. Mission details and updates ( can be found online as well as our Notice of Operations ( Questions should be directed to  or 206-526-4485.

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PRAWLER - Deployed in Bering Sea.


OCULUS - Not deployed.



POP-UPs  - Deployed.


ALAMO  - Deployed.

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