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Workshop Products

Workshop Products

Primary meetings and workshops held to bring about community input to the development of the DBO pilot programs:

2014 Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO)
October 29-31, 2014

2014 Alaska Marine Science Symposium
January 20-24, 2014

2014 Ocean Science Meeting
23-28 February 2014, Honolulu, HI, USA

2013 DBO Data Workshop
February 27 - March 1, 2013, Seattle, WA, USA

2011 Nov. 15 - DBO Workshop, Sidney, BC, Canada

2011 Distributed Biological Observatory Workshop
March 27, 2011, Seoul, Korea

2010 Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) meeting
December 10-11, 2010, Tokyo, Japan

2009 Biology-Sea Ice Workshop

Additional DBO events:


  • Jan: DBO poster and ‘Town Hall’ workshop (~ 50 participants) at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium Anchorage, AK
  • Jan: Presentation on DBO to AOSB/MWG in Potsdam, Germany; received endorsement by IASC MWG for development to pan-Arctic context
  • Jan.-Mar: Continued interest by multiple US agencies in DBO planning effort, listed in NOAA strategic plans, discussions with US SEARCH, USGS, BOEMRE,
  • Mar DBO 1-day workshop at ASSW, Seoul, Korea, status and 2011 plans; 90 participants
  • Mar PAG meeting at ASSW to discuss 2011 DBO plans, future direction
  • July-September: 2011 DBO Pilot Study
  • Nov DBO workshop at IOS/DFO, Sidney, BC (Nov. 15), continued into am Nov. 16 of full PAG meeting (Nov. 16-17)


  • February DBO Town Hall meeting at ASLO/AGU/TOS Ocean Sciences meeting in Portland, Oregon (~50 participants); initial discussion of including DBO transects and sampling sites on the Alaska Ocean Observatory System (AOOS) website
  • March SEARCH State of the Arctic Symposium + open ‘Town Hall’ discussion (~25 participants)
  • April DBO discussion at ASSW, Nuuk, Greenland: and IASC Arctic Ocean Science Board: Marine Working Group
  • April & May DBO presentations to North Pacific Research Board (NPRB), Science Panel and Executive Board
  • May Feature article in EOS on NOAA Biology-Sea Ice Workshop and DBO framework
  • June-October: 2010 DBO Pilot Study = field campaign
  • Dec Update on DBO 2010 Pilot Study at PAG meeting in Tokyo, Japan


  • May NOAA Biology-Sea Ice Workshop, Seattle, WA; NSF/NOAA Bering Strait Environmental Observatory Workshop, Pack Forest, WA