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1997 Eco-FOCI Cruise Schedule

Revised: 10/20/2005

Cruise instructions or reports are linked under Platform. For other information, see the Codes below.

Program Platform (linked cruise instructions) Dates Ports Days Activities* Personnel
Bering (I) MF97-01 Feb 10 to Feb 18 to Feb 26 Seattle to Dutch Harbor to Dutch Harbor (8), 9 (A, C, F) Test systems, deploy Bering Sea shelf subsurface moorings; NPZ samples, transect, Unimak stations PARKER, DeWitt, Kachel, Delich, Smith(UAF)
MACE Ha (I) MF97-02 CR (PDF) Feb 28 to Mar 11 Dutch Harbor to Dutch Harbor 12 Bogoslof EIT, egg collections? WILLIAMSON
MACE Ha (II) MF97-03 CR (PDF) Mar 13 to Mar 26 Dutch Harbor to Homer 14 Shelikof EIT, egg collections, genetic samples C. WILSON, Britt
Bering (II) MF97-04 Mar 28 to Apr 13 Homer to Dutch Harbor 17 (E, K, L) Drifters, line 8, egg collections, slope current COKELET, Dougherty, Van Meurs, Blood, Rugen
Bering (III) MF97-05A Apr 15 to May 1 Dutch Harbor to Dutch Harbor 17 (A, E, I) Recover/deploy moorings, NPZ samples, transect, Unimak stations, egg incubation NAPP, Rugen, Busby, Clark, Parker, DeWitt, Smith(PMEL), Jorgensen
Bering (IV) MF97-05B May 3 to May 13 Dutch Harbor to Dutch Harbor 11 (D, E, F, M) NPZ samples, larval feeding, egg incubation COKELET, Brown, Dougherty, Blood, Rho, Goering, Whitledge, Tinnin, Westrick, Jorgensen, Hodgson
N. Pacific W9705B Plan, Cruise Rpt May 13 to Jun 1 Seattle to Dutch Harbor 20 (P, T) N. Pacific, Alaskan Stream, Amukta Pass REED, DeWitt, Kachel, Van Meurs, Hamilton
Tsunami MF97-06 May 14 to May 21 Dutch Harbor to Kodiak 8 (E, L, U) Tsunami moorings, line 8, ADCP, drifters, egg incubation WENDLAND, Blood, Jorgensen
GOA(I) MF97-07 - FCI Cruise Rpt May 23 to May 31 to Jun 6 Kodiak to Kodiak TNG to Seattle 15 (E, N) Larval index survey, drifters CANINO, Clark, Mier, Picquelle, Brown, Britt
Bering (V) HX196 May 29 to Jun 29 Seward to Dutch Harbor 32 Inner front HUNT, Salo
Bering (VI) W9706A Jun 4 to Jun 9 Dutch Harbor to Dutch TNG 6 (G, J) Deploy/recover moorings, test MPS gear DEWITT, Parker, Brodeur, M. Wilson, PMEL(1), Clark, Kachel?, NMML?
Bering (VII) W9706B Jun 10 to Jun 27 Dutch TNG to Dutch Harbor 18 (B, D, F) Eddy studies, NPZ samples STABENO, Henrichs, Westrick, Rho, Smith(UAF), Cullen, Davis, Parkhill, Johannessen, DeWitt
Bering (VIII) W9706c Cr.Plan, Cruise Rpt Jun 30 to Jul 14 Dutch Harbor to Dutch TNG 15 (A, G) Habitat survey, ground truth, transect M. WILSON, Salo, Higgins, Cianelli, Britt, Porter, Savage, UC-Irvine(1), Baier, Clark, Pautzke
Japan Oshoro Maru cruise 78 (1OM97) Jul 18 to Aug 2 Seward to Dutch Harbor 16 EBS shelf and St. Lawrence shelf survey: CTD, bottom trawl, NORPAC net, larval net, juvenile beam trawl Busby, Sugisaki
Bering (IX) HX200 Aug 27 to Sept 12 Dutch Harbor to Dutch Harbor 17 Inner front HUNT, PMEL(2)
Bering (X) MF97-09A Sep 8 to Sep 18 Dutch Harbor to St. Paul TNG 10 (A, F, G, Q) Age-0 survey BRODEUR, Busby, M. Wilson, Mattson, Mills, Britt, Taylor, Napp, Jorgensen or Baier, Zegowitz, Morado, Decker
Bering (XI) MF97-09B Sep 18 to Sep 27 St. Paul TNG to Dutch Harbor 10 (A, C, D, F) Mooring recovery, NPZ samples, transect PARKER, DeWitt, PMEL(1), Henrichs/Whitledge(2), Goering, Baier, Jorgensen

*Activity Codes

Code Project Component (PI)
A SEBSCC Monitoring (Schumacher et al.)
B SEBSCC Eddies (Stabeno)
C SEBSCC Sinking Organic Matter (Henrichs)
D SEBSCC Rates of Photosynthesis (Henrichs)
E SEBSCC Low-Temperature Egg Incubation (Blood)
F SEBSCC Origin and Dynamics of Nutrients (Whitledge)
G SEBSCC Habitat Differences (Brodeur et al.)
H SEBSCC Scales of Variability from Cores (Francis)
I NSF Co-op Thorium 234 (Naidu)
J FOCI Unimak Pass Transport (Cokelet)
K FOCI Bering Slope Current (Schumacher)
L FOCI SS Line 8 (Napp)
M FOCI BS Larval Feeding (Bailey et al.)
N FOCI SS Late larval index (Kendall)
O FOCI SS Process Studies (Bailey et al.)
P FOCI Amukta Pass (Stabeno, Reed)
Q FOCI BS Age-0 Ecology (Brodeur)
R FOCI SS Age-0 Ecology (Brodeur)
S FOCI BS Hydroacoustic Collections (Brodeur)
T FOCI/GLOBEC NPac Observations (Schumacher)
U Tsunami Mooring Maintenance (Wendland)

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