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Photos pertaining to FOCI studies in Alaskan waters.

Bering Sea Ice Expedition
Preliminary Cruise Report, HLY-07-01 (pdf)

Map of transects. Contour plots of CTD data along selected transects (temperature, salinity, etc.)

Along-Track Data Plots
chlorophyll fluorescence

Plot of fish backscatter
from the ecosounder
  Alex DeRobertis
  April 23, 2007


Bird Observation


April 11-14, 2007 :

These physical data were obtained from the CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) work at stations along the 70-meter isobath (map). We started at the south (left of each plot) and headed north (plot right) collecting data. There are contour plots for salinity, temperature, fluorometer (voltages), oxygen (O2), and transmissivity (voltages).

Results from research activities during our 2006 Bering Sea Ice-edge Expedition:

Other data links pertinent to our Bering Sea work:

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