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Photos pertaining to FOCI studies in Alaskan waters.

Bering Sea Ice Expedition
Research Activities

The Bering Sea Ice Expedition conducted data collection and observations of annual sea ice and the ice-edge ecosystem of the eastern Bering Sea.  In order to examine as many components of the ecosystem as possible, many scientists with many different specialties were involved.  The pages that follow describe some of the many different research activities that took place during our expedition:


Physical Oceanography

Nutrient Chemistry



Fish and Acoustics


Marine Mammals

For more information on participating projects, view University of Washington NSF/BEST Site

For information on the 2006 Bering Sea Ice-Edge Expedition visit NOAA/PMEL/EcoFOCI

NSF Funded projects participating in the Healy Ice Expedition

  • Impacts of Sea-ice on the Hydrographic Structure, Nutrients, and Mesozooplankton over the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf,  PI George Hunt
  • The Role of Ice Melting in Providing Available Iron to the Surface Water of the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf,  PI Jingfeng Wu
  • Nitrogen Supply for New Production and its Relation to Climatic Conditions on the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf, PIs  Raymond Sambrotto, Daniel Sigman
  • Denitrification and Global Change in Bering Sea Shelf Sediments,  PIs Allan Devol, David Shull


Other participating agencies

  • North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Observer Program (USFWS),  PIs Kathy Kuletz, David Irons
  • NOAA PMEL and AFSC EcoFOCI Program,  PIs Jeff Napp, Phyllis Stabeno, Nancy Kachel, Ned Cokelet, Calvin Mordy
  • NOAA NMML, Seals, PIs John Bengston, Peter Boveng, Michael Cameron
  • Walrus and Ice Seal Surveys, Univ. of Virginia, PIs Carleton Ray and Jerry McCormick-Ray
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