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    July 12, 1999

    Dive 502: Inferno Vent at the Ashes Vent field of Axial Volcano. Hydrothermal fluid at this vent was over 290oC.

    July 11, 1999

    Dive 501: during geological traverses, this image was captured of a new lava flo w filling in a collapse feature of old lava.

    July 10, 1999

    A jellyfish captured by ROPOS's camera floating effortlessly in the depths. See today's Teacher's Logbook for a discussion on buoyancy.

    July 9, 1999

    Magnesia Vent as the ROPOS vehicle hits a landmark dive, #500! Congratul ations team ROPOS.

    July 8, 1999

    chimney grab
    ROPOS's manipulator arm collecting a sulphide chimney at CASM vent with a deepsea crab in the foreground (crab was left at the vent site).

    July 7, 1999

    rumbleometer melt
    The only visible damage to the Rumbleometer after surviving being stuck in the 1 998 lava flow. ROPOS cut the tether to the Rumbleometer on Dive 496 and the Thompson rec overed the instrument. (See Science report for details.)

    July 6, 1999

    Rumbleometer is free at last!! One of the most amazing recoveries of an oceanographic instrument; designed to measure eruptions, the Rumbleometer was too close to the eruption, actually stuck in the lava flow ( see 1998 Rumbleometer story). Pictured is the Rumbleometer after being freed by the incredible ROPOS team and the PMEL Engineering division.

    July 5, 1999

    fluid sampler
    Hot fluid sampler at Coquille Vent. The light coloring is from limpets that are covering the chimney's surface (Dive 495).

    July 4, 1999

    lava dike
    New lava at the base of the dike believed to be the origin of lava extruded during the 1998 eruption. (Dive 494)

    July 3, 1999

    new lava
    New lava flowing over a ledge. Dive 493 in progress today..scientists report a very exciting dive. Possible discovery of southern extent of 1998 lava flow.

    July 2, 1999

    tube worms
    Tube worms at the Bag City vent discovered on ROPOS dive 492. Bag City has the most dense colony of new tubeworms yet seen on the 1998 lavas.

    June 30-July 1, 1999

    rock guys
    After a record setting dive (#491, 38 hours), poor weather has delayed the elevator recovery and another ROPOS launch. Scientists John Chadwick (left) and Mike Perfit (right) prepare locations to collect more rock cores.

    June 29, 1999

    tube worms
    Tube worms at an older flow site (pre-1998 eruption) seen on ROPOS Dive 491. Worms were collected and brought to surface using an "elevator". See Science Report.

    June 28, 1999

    Deepsea spider crab, Macroregnia marochira, photographed on ROPOS dive 48 8, 1999.

    June 27, 1999

    white floc
    Large white floc (subsurface microbial commuunity), emitted from Cloud Vent in the eruption zone. Dive 488 (19 hours bottom time) 6/26-27, 1999.

    June 25-6, 1999

    Fin whale Most like a Fin Whale spotted from R/V Thompson on 6/25/99. PMEL researchers also use the SOSUS arrays to monitor not only seafloor eruptions, but to study marine mammal acoustics.

    June 24, 1999

    Recovery of time-lapse camera which has been on the new eruption site for almost 1 year at Marker 33 area. Camera should show the colonization of animals on "new territory".

    June 23, 1999

    slurping gastropods
    ROPOS dive 483 on the bottom slurping up gastropods at last year's new eruption site. Site is still venting strongly and new animals have colonized.

    June 22, 1999

    Porpoises leap besides R/V Thompson

    June 20-21, 1999

    Thompson hydrolab
    R/V Thompson in Victoria, BC. Preparations in hydrolab for getting underway.

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