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    The T.G. Thompson/ROPOS cruise is presently scheduled to begin in Seattle on 17th of June and end in Astoria on 16 July. There will also be a water column/mooring cruise (E. Baker) on Wecoma that will partly overlap the Thompson cruise.

    Our "between dive" program this year will consist primarily of rock coring. The CTD program on the Wecoma is concurrent with the Thompson cruise, so we will not be doing CTD casts on Thompson. In case of major downtime, we will probably do some Hydrosweep surveys of the seamounts west of Axial.

    General- Instruments Mounted on ROPOS- Vent Fluid sampler, gas tights, Slurp gun, Imagenex sonar, RGB video, 35mm still camera (NOTE: the SUAVE will be on the Wecoma cruise and will not be available for the ROPOS program).

    Experiments to be recovered and redeployed- Osmosamplers, temperature probes, time-lapse camera, microbial traps, Rumbleometer, release of sound source on west wall of caldera Imagenex sonar, cameras, and slurp sampler will be mounted on all dives, so only switching would be between the Biobox and the Vent Fluid Sampler.

    Dive strategy as laid out for first 10 dives will: (1) Recover all instruments in place, (2) Resurvey/resample sites sampled last year, (3) finish survey of new lava flow down to southern anomaly at 45 52'N.

    The second half of the dive program will redeploy instruments, map and sample CASM, and finish business at the SRZ and ASHES The dive list below is based on one dive per day. We may want to have more short dedicated dives to pick up or redeploy instruments. ?
    1 SRZ Reconnaissance of new lava sites
    Sample fluids, biological material
    Pick up Osmosampler
    2 SRZ Continue same as previous dive but with biobox, Recover time lapse camera and microbial traps BB
    3 NRZ Recover Extensometers BB
    4 SRZ Fluid sampling, Recover second Osmosampler VFS
    5 SRZ Continue survey of new lava SE Pick up instruments (traps, probes) BB
    6 ASHES Fluid Sampling, Recover temp. Probes VFS
    7 SRZ Recover Rumbleometer ?
    8 ASHES Biology, recover traps BB
    9 SRZ Continue survey of new lava south ?
    10 NRZ? Redeploy Extensometers BB
    11 ASHES Fluid sampling VFS
    12 ASHES Deploy Temp. probes, Osmos ?
    13 ASHES Detailed Biology, sampling ?
    14 SRZ Imagenex mapping
    15 CASM Mapping and fluid sampling VFS
    16 CASM Biology, etc. BB
    15 SRZ Redeploy instruments, other ?
    16 SRZ Redeploy instruments, other ?
    17 ASHES Redeploy instruments, other ?

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