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Wave Glider in Prince William Sound

Wave Glider in Prince William Sound. Credit: Wiley Evans.

Wave Glider in Prince William Sound
July 08, 2014

Led by Dr. Jeremy Mathis, PMEL teamed up with the University of Alaska and the Alaska Ocean Observing System this summer and early fall to use new unmanned tools to study how melting glaciers in Alaska’s Prince William Sound may be intensifying ocean acidification in the sound and on the Gulf of Alaska continental shelf. PMEL engineers outfitted two Carbon Wave Gliders and one underwater Slocum glider with sensors to help better understand the unique processes of glacial melt water and how they change the chemistry of... more

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August 26, 2014

Scientists with NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory have developed a better sensor that will help emergency managers deal... more

May 15, 2014

NOAA studying changing water parameters using unmanned vessels to study ocean acidification in Prince William Sound.