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  Seismic Activity - EPR Seismicity images shown at 1997 Fall AGU meeting  


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    Galapagos seismicity

EPR 0-20N

Volcanic seismicity observed at 3 20' on the EPR. Apparent event at 5N consists of only three epicenters. Seismicity on the Galapagos Ridge dies abruptly east of the 85W propagator.



    Wilkes map  

EPR 0-20S

Apparent volcanic seismicity on the Wilkes Fracture Zone. Cluster of epicenters off-axis near 18S do NOT appear to be volcanic in nature

    EPR 20-40S map  
EPR 20-40S

Seismicity on the northeast limb of the Easter Microplate does not appear to be volcanic in origin.

    EPR 40-60S map  
EPR 40-60S
    EPR 45-65S map  

EPR 45-65S

Apparent volcanic seismicity on the Hollister Ridge.