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Artist Collaborators:

Jeff Talman "CD: Sea of Curves"

Andy Featherston, (film maker)

Andrew Young "Sounds of the Southern Ocean"

Other Sound Links of Interest:

Squidtoons: Oysters


Below are links to underwater videos, sounds, and animations.


Viewer Note: Sounds are very low frequency. For best results, use subwoofer speakers.


To view the videos you may need to download: Quicktime (.mov/.mp4) | Windows Media (*.wmv). For *.mp4 files, you may need to download these to play with your video viewer (right-click on the file name to download.)



Noise Reference Stations

Humpback whale breaching from the water with container ships in the backgrounds

Humpback whale vocalizations with ship in background in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (.wav)


Humpback whale vocalizations with snapping shrimp in the background in American Samoa National Park (.wav)



Challenger Deep

Silver box casing named CLOSP that hold various oceanographic instruments, including a hydrophone with NOAA blue and white sticker on it

NOAA PMEL Full Ocean Depth Hydrophone deployed during the 2020 Caladan Oceanic expedition in the Mariana Trench webstory


Ship Traffic in June 2020 (.wav)





West Mata Volcano

new pillow lava, Lau Basin 2009

Eruption in 2010 South of Samoa (.mov 280MB | *.mov 141MB)




Sounds and Videos

Clip of Damselfish in America Samoa (.wav)


The findings from hydrophone recordings in America Samoa were published in Marine Ecology Progress Series (Jan 2022)



Challenger Deep hydrophone recovery Recovery of Challenger Deep hydrophone in the Mariana Trench (March 2015):
Movie version (.mp4 25MB)
Time-lapse version (.mp4 23 MB)
sound icon Long distance listening: A special layer of ocean makes eavesdropping easier (Sounds for story provided by PMEL Acoustics).
iceberg running aground Iceberg Sounds with Animation (.mov 14.6MB | .wmv 15MB)
sound icon NE Pacific Blue Whale AB Call off of the Oregon Coast ( .wav .2MB)
hydrophone sounds animation Hydrophone Animation with Earthquake and Whale Sounds (.mov 6MB | .wmv 4.8MB)
Antarctica hydrophone recovery Hydrophone Recovery in Antarctica (.wmv 7MB)
Japan quake sound Japanese 2011 Earthquake Sounds Captured on Hydrophone in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. (mp4 21MB | PMEL YouTube)
OBH chain in lava Ocean Bottom Hydrophone Buried in Lava from an April 2011 Axial Seamount Eruption off the OR-WA coast (.mp4 39MB)
Right whale rediscovery Hydrophones Crucial in Right Whale Rediscovery (.mp4 220MB)