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  Seismic Activity - East Pacific Rise at 3 20'N (May, 1996)  


epicenter map
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Earthquake epicenters from the EPR at 3 20'N recorded 28 May - ?, 1996.

Beginning May 28, 1996, the Autonomous Hydrophone Array deployed by PMEL in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific recorded what appears to be volcanic seismicity from the East Pacific Rise near 3-20'N and 102-14'W. The activity continued for ten days.

The bathymetry from the site indicates a small inflated ridge segment. The location is just north of the triple junction with the Galapagos Ridge. The character of the seismicity is very similar to that observed in the northeast Pacific at CoAxial Segment and the Northern Gorda Ridge, both episodes that were later confirmed to be eruptive events.

histogram Histogram of number of earthquakes recorded from the volcanic site per three-hour period.  
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