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TAO COARE moored data archive
The TOGA Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (COARE) was implemented to describe and understand:

1) the principal processes responsible for the coupling of the ocean and atmosphere in the western Pacific warm-pool system;
2) the principal atmospheric processes that organize convection in the warm-pool region;
3) the oceanic response to combined buoyancy and wind-stress forcing in the western Pacific warm-pool region; and
4) the multiple-scale interactions that extend the oceanic and atmospheric influence of the western Pacific warm-pool system to other regions and vice versa.

This archive of COARE moored time series data is maintained by the TAO Project to serve the data distribution needs of the COARE community. You will find data here from various principal investigators and institutions.

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This archive is maintained by NOAA/ PMEL / TAO

H. Paul Freitag, Coordinator, paul.freitag at noaa.gov
Dai McClurg, Webmaster, dai.c.mcclurg at noaa.gov

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