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Re: [las_users] Specifying plot axis range

Whoa!!!  Hold it right there!!


The Req.setRange() method sets the range of the axis in the particular request.  It doesn't set the range of values you're looking for.  What you're doing is telling LAS to look for SST values where the Z axis (depth) has a value between 15 and 33.  Not what you want!

The easiest way to have Ferret only display values between 15 and 30 is to specify the ferret property 'fill_levels' like this:


Hope that helps.

-- Jon

Todd Viola wrote:

I actually tried setting the range as part of the request, but I get 
an "illegal limits" error, even though the range I set contains valid SST 
values. Perhaps I have another problem. Should I be looking at how the axes 
are set for my dataset, or is there a problem with my syntax?

Here's what I added to my _javascript_ request:
  Req.setRange('z','15.0','33.0'); // Plot SST on axis with range 15-33 
degrees C

Here's what I get in return:
: illegal limits: PHSSTA is not in the range Z=15:33 Axis extremes are 
Z=-0.5:0.5;, ERROR RUNNING SCRIPT statement executed
 **ERROR: illegal limits: PHSSTA is not in the range Z=15:33
          Axis extremes are Z=-0.5:0.5
PLOT /NOKEY/SET/TITLE="Sea Surface Temperature mixed night and day: monthly 
(degrees Celsius)" 
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
STOP -script mode, ERROR RUNNING SCRIPT statement executed

It doesn't make sense to me that LAS expects the SST values to fall 
between -0.5 and 0.5 since I can routinely generate plots of values well 
outside that range.

Thanks in advance.


On Tuesday August 21 2007 9:24:02 am Roland Schweitzer wrote:

If you're using the LAS request _javascript_ obect to send the request
then you can always set the plot range in the request to the region of
interest. What Ansley suggested is the way to do it in a Ferret script,
but I think you really want to just set it in the request.


Todd Viola wrote:

I'm trying to force my LAS-generated plots to always use the same axes
and range. I'm developing an educational activity in which middle school
students will compare SST data at different times. I want to fix the axes
so that it will be easier for students to read and determine how the data
are really changing -- not just how the axes are changing.

When making SST maps (xy), I discovered I can fix the range and stepsize
of the contours by using specifying the fill_levels. Is there an
analogous method for specifying the vertical axis on a plot of SST vs.
longitude (x)?



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