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Re: [las_users] Specifying plot axis range


I actually tried setting the range as part of the request, but I get 
an "illegal limits" error, even though the range I set contains valid SST 
values. Perhaps I have another problem. Should I be looking at how the axes 
are set for my dataset, or is there a problem with my syntax?

Here's what I added to my javascript request:
  Req.setRange('z','15.0','33.0'); // Plot SST on axis with range 15-33 
degrees C

Here's what I get in return:
: illegal limits: PHSSTA is not in the range Z=15:33 Axis extremes are 
Z=-0.5:0.5;, ERROR RUNNING SCRIPT statement executed
 **ERROR: illegal limits: PHSSTA is not in the range Z=15:33
          Axis extremes are Z=-0.5:0.5
PLOT /NOKEY/SET/TITLE="Sea Surface Temperature mixed night and day: monthly 
(degrees Celsius)" 
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
STOP -script mode, ERROR RUNNING SCRIPT statement executed

It doesn't make sense to me that LAS expects the SST values to fall 
between -0.5 and 0.5 since I can routinely generate plots of values well 
outside that range.

Thanks in advance.


On Tuesday August 21 2007 9:24:02 am Roland Schweitzer wrote:
> Todd,
> If you're using the LAS request javascript obect to send the request
> then you can always set the plot range in the request to the region of
> interest. What Ansley suggested is the way to do it in a Ferret script,
> but I think you really want to just set it in the request.
> Roland
> Todd Viola wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to force my LAS-generated plots to always use the same axes
> > and range. I'm developing an educational activity in which middle school
> > students will compare SST data at different times. I want to fix the axes
> > so that it will be easier for students to read and determine how the data
> > are really changing -- not just how the axes are changing.
> >
> > When making SST maps (xy), I discovered I can fix the range and stepsize
> > of the contours by using specifying the fill_levels. Is there an
> > analogous method for specifying the vertical axis on a plot of SST vs.
> > longitude (x)?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Todd

Todd Viola
office: +1 361-749-2472

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