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About the PMEL El Niño Theme Page

About the PMEL El Niño Theme Page

The PMEL El Niño Theme Page presents PMEL El Niño research. It also serves as a comprehensive in-depth resource about El Niño and La Niña for scientists, administrators, students and the general public.  Science resources include comprehensive information about current status, El Niño Forecasts and realtime measurements and data analyses and products from research and operational centers world wide.

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  • The Trinity River in Dallas flooded up to the levees in June, 2015, seen from the Commerce Street bridge by Wissembourg via Wikimedia Commons
  • San Marcos, TX -- Urban Search and Rescue team, Texas Task Force 2 and members of the Texas State Guard continue to search the banks of the Blanco River to look for missing residents. Extensive flooding impacted the area, resulting in a Presidentially declared disaster. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA via Wikimedia Commons.
  • NIght Fire in Australia by Sascha Grant via Flickr Commons
  • Drought in Australia by Gerald Simmons via Flickr Commons

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