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Atmospheric Administration
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2016 Arctic Report Card Released

December 13, 2016

The 2016 Arctic Report Card was released today, November 13 at the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting. PMEL’s Dr. James Overland is one of three editors of the 2016 Arctic Report Card which brings together the work of 61 scientists from 11 nations to provide the latest information on multiple measures of Arctic environmental change.

Observations in 2016 showed a continuation of long-term Arctic warming trends which reveals the interdependency of physical and biological Arctic systems, contributing to a growing recognition that the Arctic is an integral part of the globe, and increasing the need for comprehensive communication of Arctic change to diverse user audiences.

In the winter and fall months of 2016, new monthly records maximums were recorded. The average surface air temperature for 2016 is by far the highest since 1900. Satellite data also recorded the second lowest minimum sea ice extent at the end of summer and an earlier onset of spring melting in the Greenland ice sheet.

Read the NOAA Press Release here and the complete 2016 Arctic Report Card here