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Re: [las_users] F-TDS doesn't work for define variable

Hi Tony,

Tony Jolibois wrote:

You're right, I have to modify my apache configuration for the thredds, but I don't think the error comes from that reason. Even if I connect to the server through tomcat port it doesn't work...
The page http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com:8280/thredds/catalog.html works, but if I click on "Data from LAS" I have an http error 404.

Sorry you're having trouble with this.  I cannot reach the THREDDS server on 8280.  The connection times out.  It could be a problem with my local connection rather than your server.

Some things to check.  The "Data from LAS" catalog entry is a pointer to the directory that gets created in the configure step when that process asks you for the "Enter the directory path you configured for LAS F-TDS data files: ".  The configure process will try to create that directory automatically.  You might want to check to verify the directory exists (and has a sub-directory called "dynamic").  And, the catalog.xml file you edited should use that directory in the location element of the dataScan element.

When LAS starts up it writes the Ferret journal files that will be served from the "Data from LAS" directory.  You should see a message in the log file telling you that the process has started and the directory being used to write those files.  Verify that this the data directory you configured above.  Then look in that directory to see if there are .jnl files for each of the data sets configured in your LAS.  If not something when wrong with the writing of those files when LAS started and there should be message in the log file about what happened.

If you can verify for me that 8280 is reachable from outside your firewall, I will continue to try to connect.


Le lundi 12 novembre 2007 à 11:23 -0600, Roland Schweitzer a écrit :

Tony Jolibois wrote:
    Hi all,

Install of LAS Armstrong seems to be good, I have a last problem : F-TDS.
I followed instructions on the page :
But it doesn't work ; when I define a variable, I can not plot it on http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com
The first thing I would expect to see after you completed the installation and integration of TDS with you LAS server is a catalog of the LAS datasets at the URL: http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com/thredds/dodsC/las.  However, I don't find any TDS server running at that address.  You probably need to add a proxy to your Apache httpd.conf file to expose the TDS just as you do with the LAS server.


I checked the configuration file and don't find anything wrong.

Any help ?
Thanks in advance,

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Tony Jolibois <tjolibois@xxxxxx>

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