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[las_users] errors in comparing two variables with signal_level as vertical axis unit

Hi, I have a dataset that uses sigma levels as its vertical axis. I tried to compare two variables and I got the following error:

mwsci.jpl.nasa.gov /usr/local/las/server/jnls> ferret
 *** NOTE: Unable to create journal file ferret.jnl
        FERRET v6.02
        Linux(g77) 2.6.9-22. - 04/30/07
        12-Nov-07 12:15

yes? cancel mode verify
yes? cancel mode interp
yes? canc data/all
yes? go std_initialize "/data3/hurricane_db/input/wrf/2006/WRF_L1_HELENE_20060917.nc" "1" "1" "qcloud"
 *** NOTE: Units on axis "eta" are not recognized: sigma_level
 *** NOTE: They will not be convertible:
yes? go std_initialize "/data3/hurricane_db/input/wrf/2006/WRF_L1_HELENE_20060917.nc" "2" "1" "'T'" yes? let var1_ = qcloud[y="7.18217468261719":"35.9312286376953",x="-66.115234375":"-32.1724166870117",d=1,z="0.958000004291534",t="17-Sep-2006 17:00:00"] yes? let var2_ = 'T'[y="7.18217468261719":"35.9312286376953",gx=var1_grid_,gy=var1_grid_,x="-66.115234375":"-32.1724166870117",d=1,z="0.996500015258789",t="17-Sep-2006 17:00:00"] yes? set var/units="`qcloud[y="7.18217468261719":"35.9312286376953",x="-66.115234375":"-32.1724166870117",d=1,z="0.958000004291534",t="17-Sep-2006 17:00:00"],return=units`" var1_
 **ERROR: command syntax: QCLOUD[Y="7
 **ERROR: variable unknown or not in data set: QCLOUD[Y="7


What should I do to fix the problem?


Peggy Li
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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