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Re: [las_users] F-TDS doesn't work for define variable


Tony Jolibois wrote:
    Hi all,

Install of LAS Armstrong seems to be good, I have a last problem : F-TDS.
I followed instructions on the page :
But it doesn't work ; when I define a variable, I can not plot it on http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com
The first thing I would expect to see after you completed the installation and integration of TDS with you LAS server is a catalog of the LAS datasets at the URL: http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com/thredds/dodsC/las.  However, I don't find any TDS server running at that address.  You probably need to add a proxy to your Apache httpd.conf file to expose the TDS just as you do with the LAS server.


I checked the configuration file and don't find anything wrong.

Any help ?
Thanks in advance,

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