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Re: [las_users] Installation of LAS on a Red Hat Linux release8.0 Platform

Hi Shaji,

The lastest las version for public download is  The version has not been officially released.  I downloaded a version today and installed and configured it in my machine.  Everything went well, and I was NOT even asked to choose the installation type [1 or 2].  You may need to read prerequisites and installation guide in LAS documentation pages.


C. Shaji wrote:
Dear Xiaoping,

Hi Shaji,

I was reading your previous emails, and you mentioned that your las
version is  The latest las version is, so I am
wondering that you were actually talking about  If your las
version is really, I suggest you to use the newest version

When I install LAS, I got similar problem if I choose 1 instead
of 2.  But if I choose option "2", everything works fine, and I have
used the same method to upgrade all my LAS server to  So I
suggest you to re-install your las using the latest version, and then
configure it with 2 as the installation type.

If you still have problems associated with Perl, I suggest you to
contact Jon, who is the Perl expert in our group.



Thanks for your detailed reply. Now, let me go into some more details.

1) The first thing is even I am not so sure whether I am using LAS Version or Please see what I did to get the LAS tarred bundle.

I went to the following URL.
The URL is http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/Downloads/

Then, I downloaded the latest version as shown below. I was not able to
get the files through CVS because it was impermissible for me.
download the latest stable version =

[cshaji@maud newlas]$ ls -alp las_6_5_1_2.tar.gz
-rw-------    1 cshaji   cshaji   50690827 Feb 14 09:54 las_6_5_1_2.tar.gz

Please clarify me what I got is LAS or How can I know
which version of LAS I am using?
I could see that the top line if README file only gives,
LAS (Live Access Server)

Am I using a wrong version or correct version? Please clear me this.

2) Even though I was not sure which version of LAS I am using, I just
followed the configuration steps. Initially it complained (as I mentioned
in my previous emails) about two Perl modules - Carp-Clan-5.3 and 
Time-HiRes-1.66. I have fixed these two. Then the installation was asking
it requires Ferret Version atleast Version 5.81. I upgraded Ferret to this
5.81 version.

3) After the above, I again started the configuration. Now it is
complaining about some las_servlet/las.war. Please see below what I am
[root@maud las]# ./configure
Searching for perl...
Location of perl executable [/usr/bin/perl]:

Starting Perl configuration script with /usr/bin/perl...
Searching for required Perl modules...

Location of ferret executable: [/home/ferret/bin/ferret]
Verifying Ferret version. This might take a few minutes...
You have a valid version of Ferret.

Location of java executable: [/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2/bin/java]
Verifying Java version...
You have a valid version of Java.

Can't find servlet WAR file las_servlet/las.war
Your LAS distribution appears to be incomplete. Please download a
complete LAS distribution, or try running 'ant dist' from the
las_servlet directory and rerun this configuration script
Please someone give me some better suggestions as I am facing this problem
for the last several days. I specifically would like to know if I am
following the correct latest version of LAS. Which is the latest stable
version ( or
If I am using the correct version, how can I fix the above error which I
am getting now.

I would highly appreciate someone help me on this.

Thanks in advance,

C. Shaji.


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