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Re: [las_users] Installation of LAS on a Red Hat Linux release8.0 Platform

Dear Xiaoping,

> Hi Shaji,
> I was reading your previous emails, and you mentioned that your las
> version is  The latest las version is, so I am
> wondering that you were actually talking about  If your las
> version is really, I suggest you to use the newest version
> When I install LAS, I got similar problem if I choose 1 instead
> of 2.  But if I choose option "2", everything works fine, and I have
> used the same method to upgrade all my LAS server to  So I
> suggest you to re-install your las using the latest version, and then
> configure it with 2 as the installation type.
> If you still have problems associated with Perl, I suggest you to
> contact Jon, who is the Perl expert in our group.
> Xiaoping

Thanks for your detailed reply. Now, let me go into some more details.

1) The first thing is even I am not so sure whether I am using LAS Version or Please see what I did to get the LAS tarred bundle.

I went to the following URL.
The URL is http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/Downloads/

Then, I downloaded the latest version as shown below. I was not able to
get the files through CVS because it was impermissible for me.
download the latest stable version =

[cshaji@maud newlas]$ ls -alp las_6_5_1_2.tar.gz
-rw-------    1 cshaji   cshaji   50690827 Feb 14 09:54 las_6_5_1_2.tar.gz

Please clarify me what I got is LAS or How can I know
which version of LAS I am using?
I could see that the top line if README file only gives,
LAS (Live Access Server)

Am I using a wrong version or correct version? Please clear me this.

2) Even though I was not sure which version of LAS I am using, I just
followed the configuration steps. Initially it complained (as I mentioned
in my previous emails) about two Perl modules - Carp-Clan-5.3 and 
Time-HiRes-1.66. I have fixed these two. Then the installation was asking
it requires Ferret Version atleast Version 5.81. I upgraded Ferret to this
5.81 version.

3) After the above, I again started the configuration. Now it is
complaining about some las_servlet/las.war. Please see below what I am
[root@maud las]# ./configure
Searching for perl...
Location of perl executable [/usr/bin/perl]:

Starting Perl configuration script with /usr/bin/perl...
Searching for required Perl modules...

Location of ferret executable: [/home/ferret/bin/ferret]
Verifying Ferret version. This might take a few minutes...
You have a valid version of Ferret.

Location of java executable: [/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2/bin/java]
Verifying Java version...
You have a valid version of Java.

Can't find servlet WAR file las_servlet/las.war
Your LAS distribution appears to be incomplete. Please download a
complete LAS distribution, or try running 'ant dist' from the
las_servlet directory and rerun this configuration script
Please someone give me some better suggestions as I am facing this problem
for the last several days. I specifically would like to know if I am
following the correct latest version of LAS. Which is the latest stable
version ( or
If I am using the correct version, how can I fix the above error which I
am getting now.

I would highly appreciate someone help me on this.

Thanks in advance,

C. Shaji.

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