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Re: [las_users] Installation of LAS on a Red Hat Linux release8.0 Platform

Dear  Xiaoping,
Thanks for the reply. I think I am using LAS version Please see
the error I am getting now:
Can't find servlet WAR file las_servlet/las.war
Your LAS distribution appears to be incomplete. Please download a
complete LAS distribution, or try running 'ant dist' from the
las_servlet directory and rerun this configuration script
This means I need to have the software Ant in my system as a prerequisite.
Is this correct? In fact there is a LAS (Live Access Server) 6.0 also
available in my system. But since I am new in using LAS, I thought of
going to get the latest version of LAS from your website. How can I know
whether my system has Ant software? I issued the following command.

[cshaji@maud studyant]$ ant -version
ant: Command not found.

This did not give me any information. Can you please tell me which version
of Ant you are having and what is the command to know which version I may
have in my RH Linux 8.0 platform?
Do I need to have Ant to fix the above error? Is this a free software?
From where can I get it for my platform?

I will highly appreciate for your reply.


C. Shaji.

> Hi Shaji,
> The lastest las version for public download is  The version
> has not been officially released.  I downloaded a version
> today and installed and configured it in my machine.  Everything
> went well, and I was NOT even asked to choose the installation type [1
> or 2].  You may need to read prerequisites
> <http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/LASdoc?file=12> and installation
> guide <http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/LASdoc?file=11> in LAS
> documentation pages.
> Xiaoping

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