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Re: LAS 6.0 Installation

Hi Steve,
comments below.

Steve Cousins wrote:

> I am trying to set up LAS 6.0 on a Redhat Linux 7.3 system.  I have
> installed everything and the Tomcat server is running, however, using
> Netscape 4.75 when I go
> to:
>         rocky.umeoce.maine.edu:8080/las6/servlets/dataset
> as the documentation states, I get a message box that comes up and says:
>         "The document contained no data. Try again later, or contact the
> server's administrator."
> If I try it in Internet Explorer I just get a blank page.
> If I go to:
>         rocky.umeoce.maine.edu:8080
> I get the sample Tomcat home page.
> I am just trying to get LAS 6.0 to work with the included sample data sets
> right now.  I ran make in the server directory and everything went well:
>         [root@rocky server]# make
>         ../xml/perl/genLas.pl las.xml
>         DB host: []
>         DB login name: [root]
>         DB password: []
>         Serializing file:/usr2/local/src/las6/server/las.xml to database
>         Building indexes...
>         Resolving links...
>         Using default catalog...
>         Generating dataset COADS Climatology
>         Generating dataset Levitus Climatology
> Any ideas on what could be wrong or where to look?

I ran across a similar problem, and was informed that MySQL was configured so
that host "localhost" and user "root" would not work together.  Instead, when
I ran configure, I used the name of the computer as host.  I'm sorry I don't
know enough to explain the details of MySQL, but try running configure again
using  "rocky.umeoce.maine.edu" as MySQL host and see if that works.

> One thing I don't understand is the interplay (if any) between the regular
> Apache web server and the Tomcat server.  During the configuration process
> it asked if it should check for a web server and it found apache running
> and said "good".  It then gave me the two lines to add to the httpd.conf
> file for that web server.  Does LAS 6.0 even use this web server?  If so,
> how?

LAS v6 does use both the Apache and Tomcat servers, the latter being used
specifically as the Java Servlet container.  As far as the details go, I know
as much about this as I do MySQL, someone else please take over.

> Thanks,
> Steve
> _____________________________________________________________
>  Steve Cousins                 Email: cousins@umit.maine.edu
>  Research Associate            Phone: (207) 581-4302
>  Ocean Modeling Group
>  School of Marine Sciences     208 Libby Hall
>  University of Maine           Orono, Maine 04469

Joe McLean

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