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Re: [ferret_users] Partially resolved, pyferret on osx 10.11.5

Hi Denise,
a script named "pf" to source paths for pyferret and use it as below

sjo@INCOIS:~$ cat ~/.sjo_shells/pf
export FER_LIB='/home/sjo/pkgs/PyFerret/lib'
source /home/sjo/pkgs/PyFerret/ferret_paths
pyferret -nojnl

for normal ferret,
I have a script with all ferret paths in it which will run by typing f.
This way the paths are set when the call is made to ferret.

sjo@SJO-DTP../sjo~$ cat ~/.sjo_shells/f
#! /bin/bash
# ferret_paths_template for those running the bash shell
# You may want to customize the pathname of the `ferret' directory:
export FER_DIR="/home/sjo/pkgs/ferret"
# export FER_DSETS=my_big_data_disk/fer_dsets
# This directory will contain FERRET demonstration data files (30+ Mbytes)
export FER_DSETS="/home/sjo/pkgs/fer_dsets"
export PATH="$PATH:$FER_DIR/bin"
#  Default Ferret document browser
export  FER_WEB_BROWSER="netscape -ncols 60"
export frp="/home/sjo/pkgs/Fer_jnls"
export FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS="$FER_DIR/ext_func/libs"
export CWD="/home/sjo/pkgs"
export FER_GO=". $FER_DIR/go $FER_DIR/examples $FER_DIR/contrib $CWD/Fer_jnls $CWD/Fer_jnls/view_jnls $CWD/Fer_jnls/FArgo_01"
export   FER_DATA=". $FER_DSETS/data $FER_DIR/go $FER_DIR/examples $FER_DIR/contrib /data/ncep"
export FER_DESCR=". $FER_DSETS/descr"
export  FER_GRIDS=". $FER_DSETS/grids"

export TMAP="$FER_DIR/fmt"
export PLOTFONTS="$FER_DIR/ppl/fonts"
export SPECTRA="$FER_DIR/ppl $frp/sjoppl "       
export FER_PALETTE=".$FER_DIR/ppl $frp/sjoppl "       # palette search list

/home/sjo/pkgs/ferret/bin/ferret "$@"

with best regards


Dr. Sudheer Joseph                                                                
INCOIS, MoES, Govt. of India.
"OCEAN VALLEY" , Pragathi Nagar (BO), Nizampet SO,  Telangana, India. PIN- 500 090.
Tel:+91-9440832534(Mobile) Tel:+91-40-23886047(O),Fax:+91-40-23892910(O)
E-mail: sjo.India@xxxxxxxxxsjo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
                        Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 6:43 PM, Denise Worthen - NOAA Affiliate <denise.worthen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
My apologies for cluttering up the list...

I've resolved the error which I had posted about. One of two things I did resolved it. 

One,  I had missed a INSTALL_FER_DIR setting in the external_functions/ef_utility/site_specific.mk. Secondly, I re-compiled w/ PYTHON_EXE set explicitly to my macports python2.7 install. I suspect it was the first thing that fixed it.

At this point, I can sort of get pyferret to work, but only in  tcsh. In bash, entering and exiting pyferret seems to corrupt the shell. Commands become invisible, ie, "ls" produces output but the command "ls" does not echo to the screen.

I'm also confused about how to have both ferret and pyferret peacefully coexisting  (ferret_paths etc.)

Any help (off-list perhaps) would be appreciated!


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