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[ferret_users] gif images with transponse

Dear ferreters,
I have a script creating gif image like this:

can dat/all
set dat "/p/cwfs/osinski/pop_h/pop9km.nc"
set win/aspect=1.9
set reg/x=920:1075/y=250:320
shade/nolab/transponse/vlim=1075:920:20 ht/100
shade/ov/lev=(0)/palette=gray/nolab/nokey/transponse ht
contour/ov/pen=1/lev=(0.001,0.001,1,-3)/nolab/transponse/vlim=1075:920:20 ht
con/ov/pen=1/lev=(20,80,10)/nolab/transponse/vlim=1075:920:20 tlat
con/ov/pen=1/lev=(0,360,10)/nolab/transponse/vlim=1075:920:20 tlong
label/user 290,915,0,0,0.15 "Model Bathymetry (m)"

running it with
ferret -script rot_Baffin_temp_9km.jnl
creates temperature_1.gif (attached) which is correct result. Unfortunately if I run the script without xwindow like this:
ferret -gif -script rot_Baffin_temp_9km.jnl
creates temperature_2.gif (attached) which is missing color shading. If I don't use transponse options pictures are correct with -gif -script settings.
I appreciate and advice,
Dr. Robert Osinski


Attachment: temperature_1.gif
Description: temperature_1.gif

Attachment: temperature_2.gif
Description: temperature_2.gif

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