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[ferret_users] Partially resolved, pyferret on osx 10.11.5

My apologies for cluttering up the list...

I've resolved the error which I had posted about. One of two things I did resolved it. 

One,  I had missed a INSTALL_FER_DIR setting in the external_functions/ef_utility/site_specific.mk. Secondly, I re-compiled w/ PYTHON_EXE set explicitly to my macports python2.7 install. I suspect it was the first thing that fixed it.

At this point, I can sort of get pyferret to work, but only in  tcsh. In bash, entering and exiting pyferret seems to corrupt the shell. Commands become invisible, ie, "ls" produces output but the command "ls" does not echo to the screen.

I'm also confused about how to have both ferret and pyferret peacefully coexisting  (ferret_paths etc.)

Any help (off-list perhaps) would be appreciated!


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