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[ferret_users] cant label t axis

  I am trying to run the following script but don't understand why the script stops with this error when I try to plot the x component px. 

" **ERROR: inconsistent sizes of data regions: can't label T axis of XXU "

But I am able to plot xxu alone.  Error arises when it is multiplied with uclim_new, which is the result of transformation of climatological u velocity using @ASN.

what is going wrong?


! Horizontal Rossby wave-activity flux 
!(Takaya and Nakamura (1997, 2001))

! NCEP/NCAR winds and geopotential heights

! level any

let g=9.8

use uwnd.mon.mean_001.nc
use vwnd.mon.mean_001.nc
use hgt.mon.mean.nc

let uu=uwnd[d=1,t=1-jan-1979:1-dec-2006]
let vv=vwnd[d=2,t=1-jan-1979:1-dec-2006]
let hh=hgt[d=3,t=1-jan-1979:1-dec-2006]

use climatological_axes
cancel data climatological_axes
let uclim=uu[gt=month_irreg@mod]
let vclim=vv[gt=month_irreg@mod]
let hclim=hh[gt=month_irreg@mod]

let uclim_new=uclim[gt=uwnd[d=1]@asn]
let vclim_new=vclim[gt=vwnd[d=2]@asn]
let hclim_new=hclim[gt=hgt[d=3]@asn]

let hhano=hh[t=1-jan-1979:1-dec-2006]-hclim_new[t=1-jan-1979:1-dec-2006] ! geopotential height anomalies

let sinlat= sin(y[g=hh]*(3.14/180.0))  

let ff=2.0*(7.24/100000)*sinlat

let psiaa=(g/ff)*hhano                 ! stream function

let W=(uu^2+vv^2)^0.5

let dpsi_dx=psiaa[x=@ddc]
let dpsi_dx_dx=dpsi_dx[x=@ddc]
let dpsi_dy=psiaa[y=@ddc]
let dpsi_dy_dy=dpsi_dy[y=@ddc]
let dpsi_dx_dy=dpsi_dx[y=@ddc]

let xxu=(dpsi_dx*dpsi_dx)-(psiaa*dpsi_dx_dx)
let xxv=(dpsi_dx*dpsi_dy)-(psiaa*dpsi_dx_dy)
let yyv=(dpsi_dy*dpsi_dy)-(psiaa*dpsi_dy_dy)

let coeff1 = z[g=hh]/(1000*2*W)

let dx2=uclim_new*xxu
let dx3=vclim_new*xxv

let px=coeff1*(dx2+dx3)         ! x component

let dy2=uclim_new*xxv
let dy3=vclim_new*yyv
let py=coeff1*(dy2+dy3)         ! y component 


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