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[ferret_users] Sandro Lubis

Dear Ferreters,
Could you please to help me to figure out this error message. I have been trying to add detail coastline in ferret. I issued this command to read an ascii data file maybe 11615 lines long.
USE coads
    SET REGION/X=165w:150w/Y=15:25/T="15-FEB-2000"
    VECTOR/title=""/nolabel uwnd,vwnd

    DEFINE AXIS/Z=1:11615:1 vec_len
    DEFINE GRID/Z=vec_len vec_grid
    FILE/VAR=lon,lat/G=vec_grid hawaii.dat

but the result is:
**TMAP ERR: Host is down
Last or next-to-last record read:

Data set: ./hawaii.dat
Data file: ./hawaii.dat

Thanks for any insight.
"No boundaries for the journey of the mind"
B.Sc Sandro Wellyanto Lubis
Research Ass. in Climate Modeling Division
Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management
Southeast Asia-Pacific
Tel : +62(0)81385644350

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