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[ferret_users] potential government shutdown

Hello Ferret-users and LAS-users,

As you will have heard in the news, there is a possibility that many functions of the US Government will be shut down at midnight tonight. If this occurs it will mean that the PMEL web servers will be shut down and web addresses will redirect to a page that will give information about this shutdown.

During a shutdown, access to web pages that contain documentation, downloads and the Users List archives will not be available. Federal employees will be on furlough, and cannot work. Mail messages will NOT be lost, but mail sent to noaa.gov email addresses will not be answered during the shutdown. There is a possibility that the list server that handles the Ferret and LAS Users lists will remain in operation and if so you can continue to post questions and answer others' questions, however responses may be irregular and government employees will not be posting answers.

We hope that all of this will not occur, but if it does, we will see you when we get back!


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