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[ferret_users] how to get rid of the empty space between multipleplots

Dear Ferret Users:

When I make 4 plots on the screen, I found that there are plenty of empty space between
these plots. I wonder if there are any ways to eliminate these spaces. Also, I'd like to
take the advantage of the "landscape mode", but it occurs to me that there aren't separate modes
for portrait or landscape.

Here's how I define the viewport:
"def view/xlim=0.0,0.5/ylim=0.5,1.0 v1, set vi v1"
"def view/xlim=0.5,1.0/ylim=0.5,1.0 v1, set vi v2"
"def view/xlim=0.0,0.5/ylim=0.0,0.5 v1, set vi v3"
"def view/xlim=0.5,1.0/ylim=0.0,0.5 v1, set vi v4"

Thanks for your help!


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