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Re: [ferret_users] **ERROR: feature not implemented: cannot /APPENDwith STREAM format

Hi C. Shaji,
This just cannot be done in Ferret Any append operation needs to check the existing file to make sure the new data is consistent and that the time axis works correctly with the extension, and we have not done this in Ferret. You might write the data in netcdf format, using /APPEND qualifiers, and when you are all finished, read the entire set back in and rewrite it in stream format.


C. Shaji wrote:

Dear All,
I get the following error while trying to write the data to a file.

list/format=stream/file=clim_sst.grd/append clim_sst
**ERROR: feature not implemented: cannot /APPEND with STREAM format
list/format=stream/file=clim_sst.grd/append clim_sst
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

How can I fix the above? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

C. Shaji.

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