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Bering Sea-Ice Expedition
Retrieving a Bongo
Bongos consist of 2 large (333 micrometer (µ) mesh) nets on 60 centimeter diameter frames and 2 small (153 µ mesh) nets on 20 cm diameter frames, a weight (70 lbs), and a data recorder (SeaCat) located above the nets in these images. These are all attached to a wire that is controlled from two decks above by a winch one deck above. They are lifted from the ship's main deck, over a rail and are lowered into the water. (sequence of photos by E.Cokelet)
Bongos coming up out of the water.
Grabbing the bongo frame. Cod ends (bottom, cylinder) hold catch/sample.
Swinging the cod ends over the rail as the wire is lowering the whole unit.
Almost on deck. Guidling the seventy-pound weight to a holder, the "donut".
Weight, nets and frame on deck. Now, lower the seacat unit.
Marine tech Mike out on deck to handle the wire.
Finally on deck, numbers are taken from the flowmeter at the front of each net.
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration