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Bering Sea-Ice Expedition

Maps and nautical charts, are an important part of ocean navigation and exploration. Here are a few ways we use maps for navigation and data analysis:

  • hypothetical cruise map - During planning phase of the Ice Expedition, we mapped a possible track for our journey.
  • Our actual cruise tracks for the R/V Thompson (red) and NOAAS Miller Freeman (blue).
  • Ice Maps of the Bering Sea (April for 16 years (1990 to 2005)) See how ice characteristics change from year to year.
  • A globe view of the Bering Sea and North Pacific created by NASA World Wind software
  • Maps showing along-track data, salinity, temperature and chlorophyll-fluorescence, at 5 meters depth.

Shown below is a set of maps showing the Bering Sea and location in the North Pacific region, and on our globe. The zoomed-in view of the Bering Sea (below, click for larger image) shows geographic place names and bodies of water.

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