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Hydrothermal Plumes Research Staff

Ed Baker: NOAA/PMEL, Project Leader

Sharon Walker: NOAA/PMEL, Oceanographer


Hydrothermal Venting Research Divisions:

Fluid Chemistry

Gas Chemistry

Hydrothermal Plumes

Hydrothermal Particles

Plume Modeling

Hydrothermal Plume Studies

  diagram of ship towing CTD over plume   To investigate relationships among hydrothermal, magmatic and tectonic processes along the global mid-ocean ridge and volcanic arc systems  
  diagram of temperature plumes after a hydrothermal event   To monitor the variability and evolution of hydrothermal systems, especially in response to volcanic events.  
  diagram of the global  mid-ocean ridge system   To develop exploration methods for the efficient discovery of hydrothermal plumes and hydrothermal venting systems.  
  Recent projects
  2003/2006 Mariana Arc
  2007 Aeolian Arc
  Kermadec-Tonga Arc region
  2008-2009 NE Lau
  2008 Central Lau Basin
Global Exploration:
  Miniature Autonomous Plume Recorders
  Global compilation of confirmed and inferred vent sites
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