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NeMO Date: July 13, 2000
Ship's Location:
45 56.0'N/130 00.8'W

  Science Report:

camera is in place and sending data back to shore. ROPOS dive 552 was in the water for almost 24 hours. After the sub came up after dinner, the NeMO Net buoy, along with 1513 m of line (slightly less than the 1536 m water depth, so it will be very taught) and a 6850 pound anchor, was launched near the NeMO Net camera at the Bag City vent. At midnight the NeMO Net camera took it's first photo and temperatures, and since then has been acoustically transmitting data up to the buoy every hour, and the buoy is sending them to shore via satellite. The system appears to be working fine and we should now start getting pictures and temperatures from seafloor to shore every few days (an entire photo takes about 4 days to transmit). The days are winding down on the NeMO 2000 expedition, but we still hope to get in 6 more short dives. The next dive will be a fluid sampling dive to the ASHES vent field.

Visit the site for more details.

ROPOS positions the tripod containing
the temperature probes in a clump of
tube worms.

Lowering the buoy to the seafloor from the Ron Brown.

The NeMO Net camera is positioned at the Bag City vent near fields of tube worms.