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NeMO NeT: NeMO Net: A near-real-time system which linked instruments located in the caldera of an active submarine volcano, 1 mile underwater and about 250 miles off Oregon's coast, to the Internet.

The instruments were recovered on June, 20 2001 and will be redeployed in July 2001 for the next year.

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The microbial biosphere

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Latest NeMO NeT imageThis is the last image from Bag City Vent. Click image for full-size view (larger file). The evolving blurry areas in the image are probably small colonies of microorganisms which are in the process of colonizing the viewing window of the camera's pressure housing.See how these patches are changing between images at the archive site.

NEW!-See the movie (mpg format) of all the images.

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Cumulative temperature data


Daily temperature plot
Temperature was measured once an hour by each of three probes. Every 24 hours the resulting 72 temperature measurements are transmitted to the laboratory.

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Probe A  Probe B  Probe C

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System deployment
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  NeMO NeT is a breakthrough in ocean engineering utilizing an acoustic modem to relay data from three temperature probes and a camera to a moored buoy, which in turn send the data to NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory via a GOES satellite. The prototype system, operational for one month in 1999 was succeeded in July 2000 by a more advanced system. The new system uses an ORBCOMM satellite system to send and receive commands and data from shore to the seafloor.
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