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brimstone1 video still   El Guapo Vent at the International District vent field on Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge, NE Pacific. El Guapo vent appears to have flaming torches at its top. As hydrothermal vents near the undersea boiling point, the liquid can reach phase separation and seemingly be on fire. Jason Dive 294, 8/18/07. (Full resolution image: 6 MB)
brimstone 2 video still  
High-temperature black smoker vent at South Cleft, Juan de Fuca Ridge, NE Pacific. July 2000 ROPOS dive 542. (Full resolution image: .9 MB)
rotashrimp video still  
Sully Vent in the Main Endeavour Vent Field, NE Pacific. A bed of tube worms cover the base of the black smoker. An acoustic hydrophone and resistivity-temperature-hydrogen (RTH) probe surround the vent during ROV ROPOS dive number 852, 2004. (Full resolution image: 2.3 MB)