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South Cleft Black Smoker Videos

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1994 Video-

This black smoker vent is located at the "Vent 1" site on the South Cleft segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge at a depth of 2222 meters. It is on top of a 10 m high chimney, and the water forming the plume has an exit temperature of 342°C.

Video was taken during Alvin dive #2783, Marker 12, June 26, 1994.


1994 image of black smoker, click for movie

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mpg 2.2MB


2005 Video-

2005 video clips show the black smoker chimneys at the Vent 1 hydrothermal vent site on the southern Cleft segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. The video was obtained during dives T876 and T877 of the MBARI ROV Tiburon in August 2005, funded by NOAA's West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center. This site has been known to be active since since 1984.

Expedition website:

Video 1
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Video 2
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  video 2 still
Video 3
(with sound)
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  video 3 still
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