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New Ocean Today Kiosk Video Focuses on Ocean Noise

August 18, 2016

Top pair of floats going in as Full Ocean Depth Hydrophone is being deployed on July 28, 2015. Photo credit: Oregon State University

August 18, 2016

PMEL’s Acoustics Program is the focus of the first of three videos that will appear in Ocean Today Kiosks. Listen to Bob Dziak, Haru Matsumoto and Joe Haxel talk about their work at Challenger Deep. In the summer of 2015, PMEL and CIMRS scientists set out to Challenger Deep to record ambient noise at the deepest known location in Earth’s oceans. What they heard, surprised them all. Watch the video on YouTube.  This video was produced by 77th Parallel Productions and Jesse Crowell.  

Read more about their findings here and learn more about the Acoustic Program

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