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Opening and purpose of the meeting

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Dr. Jose Torsani of FUNCEME, chairman of the local organizing committee for TIP-4, introduced Dr. Roberto Sergio Farias de Souza for the opening address. Dr. Farias de Souza, president of FUNCEME, expressed the hope for cooperation among the many nations affected by ENSO to work together on problems brought about by climate variations. In particular, he noted that Brazil is very interested in learning about all aspects of the TAO Array and would like to extend the research being conducted in the Pacific to the equatorial Atlantic. Dr. Farias de Souza concluded his remarks by welcoming everyone to Fortaleza, "The Land of the Sun," and by wishing the participants a very successful meeting.

Dr. Divino Moura of INPE likewise welcomed the meeting participants to Brazil. He expressed the desire that this first meeting of the TAO Implementation Panel in the Atlantic sector would encourage an extension of TAO-type measurements into the region. He went on to say that the Science and Technology Ministry in Brazil has shown interest in these types of measurements, and that TIP-4 represented an excellent opportunity to make progress in developing an appropriate measurement program.

Dr. McPhaden briefly described the development and recent completion of the TAO Array after 10 years of effort within the framework of the International TOGA program. He then went on to list the three purposes of the meeting:

  1. To review progress over the past year in terms of completing and maintaining the array (especially with regard to ship time and vandalism);
  2. To review scientific progress in studies making use of TAO data; and
  3. To review the scientific rationale for, and the technical and logistic feasibility of, possible expansions of TAO into other regions of the world ocean, particularly the tropical Atlantic.
Finally, Dr. McPhaden thanked Dr. Farias de Souza, Dr. Moura, and Dr. Torsani for the opportunity to convene TIP-4 in Fortaleza.
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