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TAO Proceedings - TIP 4
Proceedings of the fourth meeting of the TAO Implementation Panel
Fundacao Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hidricos (FUNCEME) Fortaleza, Brazil 12 - 14 September 1995

Edited by:
Mark P. Koehn
Linda J. Mangum
Michael J. McPhaden

Published by
NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
On behalf of the directorates of

The Global Climate Observing System
The Global Ocean Observing System
The Climate Variability and Predictability Program

  Table of contents

  1. Summary
    Other TIP pages
    TIP homepage
    TIP-3, South Korea, October 1994
    TIP-5, India, November 1996
  2. Opening and purpose of the meeting
  3. Summary of current conditions in the Tropical Pacific
  4. National Reports
    1. United States
    2. Japan
    3. Korea
    4. Taiwan
    5. France
  5. Brazilian Ocean-Climate Programs
    1. P. Nobre (INPE)
    2. M. Vianna (INPE)
    3. M. Stevenson (INPE)
    4. J. Torsani (FUNCEME)
  6. Program status reports
    1. Atlantic Circulation and Experiment (ACCE)
    2. Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System/Pan American
    3. Climate Studies (GOALS/PACS)
    4. French Atlantic Climate Variability Program (CLIVAR)
    5. Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS)
    6. Global Climate Observing System (GCOS)
  7. Science reports
    1. Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Variability in the Tropical Atlantic
    2. Surface and Subsurface Climatic Variability in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
    3. An Isopycnic-Coordinate, Mixed-Layer Model for the Tropical Atlantic Circulation
    4. Assimilation of Satellite Altimeter Data in Ocean Model
    5. The Role of in situ Data in the NMC's Climate Forecast System
    6. Prediction of the ENSO Phenomenon Using a Coupled Model
    7. A Modest Modal Model of Kelvin Waves During the Onset of the 1991 92 El Nino
    8. Seasonality of the Tropical Indian Ocean Circulation
    9. Zonal Displacement of the Western Pacific Warm Pool Associated with a Series of ENSO Events
    10. OSSE on the Buoy Network of JAMSTEC
  8. Discussion and recommendations
  9. Acknowledgements
List of Participants
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