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[las_users] LAS v8.4 error when requesting Google Earth option

(This dataset works properly under LAS v8.0 on our development box and produces a Google Earth visualization.)

User reported the following error on an LAS v8.4 dataset that uses the following init file:
SET DATA ($data_url)
set var/name=analysed_sst sst1
let/title="analysed sea surface temperature"/units="Celsius" sst1 = analysed_sst-273
DEFINE SYMBOL data_var = sst1

I was trying to take this plot:


and make it a google earth file.  I have also tried this for the entire global dataset as well, not just the subset area of the Gulf of Mexico.

I get an error when I do this:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide what you have asked for.
An error occurred in the service that was creating your product.

and the header of the error file says:

**ERROR: invalid command: illegal new name.  Variable analysed_sst1 exists in dataset
set var/name=analysed_sst1 analysed_sst
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Penny Oots

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