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Re: [las_users] LAS v8.4 error when requesting Google Earth option

Hi Penny,

It looks as if two different parts of the scripts that LAS is running here are trying to temporarily rename the variable using the same name.  I see where this is occurring in the Google Earth product, and I'll work with you and Daniel to get you a fix.  Thank you for the report!


On 9/28/2016 12:10 PM, Oots, Penny C. (LARC-E3)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS, INC] wrote:
(This dataset works properly under LAS v8.0 on our development box and produces a Google Earth visualization.)

User reported the following error on an LAS v8.4 dataset that uses the following init file:
SET DATA ($data_url)
set var/name=analysed_sst sst1
let/title="analysed sea surface temperature"/units="Celsius" sst1 = analysed_sst-273
DEFINE SYMBOL data_var = sst1

I was trying to take this plot:

and make it a google earth file.  I have also tried this for the entire global dataset as well, not just the subset area of the Gulf of Mexico.

I get an error when I do this:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide what you have asked for.
An error occurred in the service that was creating your product.

and the header of the error file says:

**ERROR: invalid command: illegal new name.  Variable analysed_sst1 exists in dataset
set var/name=analysed_sst1 analysed_sst
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Penny Oots

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